Thursday, June 20, 2013

D.I.Y jewellery box

I Like to do some DIY in free time.. haha.. this time I want to recycle my beauty treats box to be my ring an bracelet jewellery box..

What you need for the DIY?

1. A box, some kind like bti box
2. Double tape and  scissor and some broken accessories to design the box
3. Any un~used jeans, scarf or any fabric
4. A4 paper which is thicker than usual 80gsm one or carton paper

First, u need to know you want to show ur box vertically or horizontally and then measure the box size, the paper should be about 0.3 to 0.5 cm smaller than box size, and after that fold the paper like the pic below

After that the fabric need to cut to the widht  a lil bit long than paper about 5cm, for the length dont need to measure as long as u hv enough fabric will be okay

Warp the paper one by one using the fabric and put the warped paper to the box one by one until you feel enough dont need to fully apply with it, since not everyone hv so many rings.

Using the better design fabric to cover your warped paper..

After the organiser finished we can start to design the box..

Since my mirror is broken so I glue it to the box and use the different kind of missing partner earring to design it

this is the box..♡♥♡

Like it?

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Day Trip in Macau

Holiday is always fascinating for me even though I am total broke or make me total broke. I love it. I really do.
I love walking in a sudden crowded place, I love seeing people bargaining in the market, I love seeing people betting in the gambling table, I love seeing "auntie auntie" argue for who first embarking to a ship, I love seeing and smelling the new nicely done cake in the bakery. etc etc.
I am neither one of that I mentioned above, I just love seeing them somewhere else ONLY for holiday thou. Well, I think enough with the crap. *excuse my language*

I went to Macau last April only for a day trip. For Indonesian and some more other countries, you are free to enter Macau & Hong Kong without visa. *yay*

I took a ferry from Hong Kong to Macau that cost me HKD 172 for (USD 22) for one way trip, anyway mine was slightly more expensive because I took a ferry on weekend.

Arrival card for foreigners

View in the sea. Bye HK

The ticket looks like this

Upon arrival in ferry terminal, I decided to book a hotel in nearby tour and travel counter. I booked a hotel for that day in Sheraton hotel for HKD 1,000 or equal to USD 129 (Believe me it was a steal, normal rate was HKD 3,000 ++)
After buying the vouchers and all, I took a bus outside the ferry terminal that go directly to the hotel. (Thanks to casinos in Macau, we can have a free ride to the destination that has casino on it). They were giving a free souvenir to the customers from fan to beautiful gold coins when I was finding my bus that located almost at the end of the bus queue line. The trip took me around 20 minutes from Taipa ferry terminal to Sheraton that located in Cotai Central. While sat on the bus, I took quite a lot of pics of Macau.


The person fishing catch my attention

I arrived in the hotel and gone like wow! The hotel is nicely decorated and it makes me do not want to go home anymore. They have two big casinos on it. The betting range was HKD 300 (USD 38) above.

Plate dancing inside the hotel

Garden inside the hotel

Its not a statue, it is someone act like one

I checked in and waited for my luggage to be brought to the room. It was kinda long thou but still with that fancy room, I could wait forever. LOL joking! Of course I do not want to wait that long, I want my trip to be started and I am famished like hell! I want to eat, I want to eat!! Hey Mr Bellboy, come faster please! And finally here he comes with my luggage and I went straight away to the city by taking a cab that cost me around 60 pataca (USD 8).

I was then arrived in Macau City area, I directly went to the famous Ruin of St Paul. I went straightly to the top of the building and touched it. I do not know why I touched it but I did. It was so crowded that time but I managed to get a picture of it.

On my way back, I took a stroll around the city and found so many egg tarts stall and had like a dozen of it all by myself LOL tried grilled beef and so on. Walked out from the crowd, I found myself at Lisboa hotel and casino and finding a taxi was super hard to go to grab a dinner in a newly built Galaxy hotel and casino!
Finally I tried using a bus that surprisingly cheap! Cost me around HKD 4 (USD 0.5) only and the trip was kinda long and full of stops. I finally there stopped at the other side of the road and took the bridge and walk inside of the Galaxy. Galaxy was BEAUTIFUL! Each and every part of it was beautiful. So sorry Venetian, I think Galaxy just beat you so bad! FYI, Venetian was one of the most beautiful hotel in that area.

Galaxy view in the afternoon

Galaxy view at night from far

Galaxy interior ceiling

For your comparison, I will put venetian.

After take a round trip in Galaxy, I decided to have again Japanese food restaurant because of my limitation of eating (I do not take pork) as I mentioned in my trip to Bangkok previously.

I did not know that time gone so fast, after dinner I straightly found a cab to go back and try casino in my hotel. It was almost 12 when I finally done and walked to my beautiful room.

I checked out almost 12 in the next day and went to Venetian to have breakfast in Lord Stow and gifts. 
For me, Macau is a total paradise!! Freaking awesomely delicious egg tart (that cost me around 8 pataca per piece) that you can buy in Lord Stow. Remember, only in Lord Stow! Oh my God, I have never tasted that delicious egg tart in my whole life. I am definitely coming back for it. Lord Stow, you are the best~!

Ahhh! I remember to talk about gondola in Venetian that is expensive to ride around USD 27 per person. I do not think it is worth it, I personally rather take gondola in Venezia *of course*

Still for me, I will come back for Macau for my only regret that I do not have time to visit Macau Tower that time. I *hopefully* will see you anytime soon Macau!

Lots of love,


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hello Bangkok!


It is May now and next month will be a fantastic long holiday for students and most family in Indonesia.
Thinking of where to go, why not Bangkok, Thailand.
It suits for sightseeing, shopping, and family holiday of course. Well, let me tell you my personal experience holiday to Bangkok with Diana.

We went to Bangkok via Singapore using AirAsia because we got cheap tickets.

Diana in ferry to Singapore

We took a lunch time flight but it was delayed until LATE NOON and we were stucked in Changi and had photo session to kill our time.

We start off very happy and energetic but in the end of the day, we got tired and slept on the plane. We arrived around dinner time and grabbed food nearby our hotel (cost us 30-40 Baht per plate) in Ramkhamhaeng.

I do not know whats the name in Thai but it is roasted pork with rice

This is taste somehow tasteless and not recommended at all
Our next day was a trip to the famous Madam Tussaud in Siam Paragon. The entrance fee was 800 Baht and you could go around freely inside. They have famous Jackie Chan, Angelina Jolie, and so on. You can also check on their stores too, but the goods was kinda expensive though.

Diana and Obama's family

Me kicking JB


Madam Tussaud was fun and took me a lot of time. It worth money I spent to see around and take a bunch of pictures. Definitely recommended for family and group of friends when travel to Bangkok.

I spent total of 4 days and 3 nights in Bangkok most of the time shopping and bargaining. It is hard for me to have food since I do not take pork so my choices are limited. Instead of having local food, I am having Japanese instead. For you who are vegetarian, it will be even harder I guess.

Bangkok did not cost me much apparently in total it costs me around SGD 500 for airticket, hotel, and food. The hotel Nasa Vegas was cheap and I shared the room with Diana so it is even cheaper. The place may not be the best but it is located next to the Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Rail Link that can get me to the next interchange to commute around most attractions in Thailand and definitely a steal for the transport from and to airport (1 way cost me 30 Baht to Ramkhamhaeng).

Note: Please be more selective on your date to Bangkok since it may have raining season and flood is everywhere (Read : cockroaches everywhere!! Believe me, I had my experience), do not forget to bargain when using tuk tuk (It is hard to bargain when it is raining), be careful of thief and pick pocket, and make sure to give tips to you masseur (I give my masseur 100 Baht) or else they will be mad at you.

I am more than happy to share my itinerary in Bangkok and all the details of expenses too. Please do not hesitate to ask me or Diana. You know where to find us :)



Weekend Activity "Being a CHEF" LOL!

Hiyaaaa Dolls!!

Me again Erfhina  Sorry if I posted too much on this blog :p just wanna share my life *huggles*

Its slightly different for this posting with others, I'm not gonna share any cosmetics nor boxes nor gossips. I wanna share some Vegan foods which I cooked on last weekend :) *PS: I'm a vegetarian* and I'm not a good chef, I don't know cooking. This is probably my 5th time try to cook something.

Well, the main reason why I cook was my mom & bro were joining some temple activities and they need to overnights at temple that's why I was alone with my Dad which mean I need to eat outside food or he bought from outside for me. So I decided to ask one of my friend stay over night at my house and plan something to cook.

We plan to cook lasagna, but I have no microwave nor oven (I will buy soon and do the Vegan Lasagna review for you all *promise! finger crossed*)

Okay, let's start! First, we browse a lot of recipes from the Internet and got some non vegan recipes and I changed some ingredients to become Vegan :)
And we set alarm to woke up at 07.30 Batam time (GMT+7) to go to market and buy those ingredients.

Wet Market at Penuin - Batam, Indonesia
This is what people called "wet market" which is I was very surprised that I would go there! Like I said before, I'm not good in cooking :( and I hate wet market.
Well, we decided to cook 3 kinds of Vegan food

1. Spicy & Sour Vegan Fish (Ikan Asam Pedas Vegetarian)
What we bought are:
milled red chili, 2 turmeric leaves, 1 lemongrass, 4 lime leaves, 2cm ginger (crush it), 2cm galangal (crush it), tamarind.

These are the ingredients for the soup

A Vegan fish (you must fry it before), pineapple, tomatoes. You can see we have cut and prepared like the pic below.

These are the main
First you need to stir-fry the milled red chili with very little oil, and slowly add on all of the soup ingredients into the pan follow with water. And it will become like this (below pic). Slowly add the pineapple, sugar, salt. Lastly add the vegan fish and the tomatoes.
How the soup looks like
Keep stirring until all mixed very well and you are finished!!

Spicy & Sour Vegan fish (not bad huh? my first experience)
2. Potato with Tomato sauce
This is very simple and easy to cook. What we need are:
Mashed tomatoes (I did 3 pcs of tomatoes), Vegan seafood tofu, Potatoes (I did 3pcs). We also need light soy sauce & a very little of instant tomato sauce & chili sauce.
First of all, you need to fried the tofu and the potatoes as well.
Mashed tomatoes, Vegan seafood tofu, Potatoes
After finished frying, now we are going to make the sauce.
Add little oil into pan, follow with mashed tomatoes. Add some sugar, salt, light soy sauce, tomato & chili sauce (try to adjust and taste until you like the taste).

Tomato sauce
And put all tofu & potatoes into the pan, stir until all tofu & potatoes covered by the sauce. And you are Finished!! I think your kids will love it!! (Don't add chili if you wanna cook for kids)
Potatoes with Tomato sauce
3. Cabbage
This is the very common food of all, I forgot to take the picture. But its only need cabbage Beijing (or any cabbage, I love cabbage Beijing because its so sweet and crispy) and a carrot.
Just add some oil and put all the carrot & cabbage into the pan.
Cabbage & carrot added
Stir it and add salt, sugar, light soy sauce, white pepper, stir again and add some water (don't too much). Keep stirring until its done. Then you are finished!!
DONE!! Yaaayyyyy...... I done My 3 Vegan food, and they all taste not bad. The only thing which made me really happy is My boyfie come from Singapore to Batam (my house) just to try out what I cooked and he loves them. LOL, he is super sweet!! *he finished all the cabbage*

I will keep posting more Vegan food for you all who wanna eat healthier food or maybe some of you are Vegan like me as well.  Bye for now :)

Spicy Sour Vegan fish, Potatoes tomato sauce, Cabbage


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